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Destined: by Choice or Circumstance

Sometimes the only way to find your purpose in life is when circumstances are completely out of your control.Left for dead by their enemy, Captain David Leahcim, an ace starfighter pilot, his friend and hotshot gunner Lieutenant Markka, and their Synthetic Intelligence companion Cora, struggle to survive on a world not their own in a universe their rescuers do not know exists. They must gain the trust of new allies and assimilate into a society that has been fighting a war for survival that began centuries before they were born.It is a story of courage, friendship, love, loyalty, freedom, distrust, and survival.

Intersections in Time:
Book Two of the Destined Series

Courage isn't something that you're born with. It is a quality you discover within yourself.Memphis Lin and Nicholas Piper survive a catastrophic accident and become stranded in the past on the planet Progensha. With no way to return home, they adapt to their new reality and help their friends fight a war being waged against them by a relentless foe.There is only one way to end the war, but the cost has too high a price to pay. Doing what must be done threatens to alter the planet's future and destroy everything Lin and Piper have fought to preserve.

Beyond the Great Beyond: Book Three of the Destined Series

Heroes are sometimes born, but most are forged in the fires of desperation.When the crew of the Infiltrator discovers the secret behind why the Galactic Star Empire has been so devastatingly successful in its relentless war with the Allliance, Captain Vee and her remaining crew must decide to commit to a plan that will turn the tide of the war in their favor.But what begins as a calculated strategy quickly turns into a costly gamble that someone will ultimately lose.

When Destinies Collide: Every Saga has a Beginning

Before the crew of the Infiltrator became comrades in arms they lived ordinary lives with ordinary hopes and dreams until those dreams were turned upside down by war.Born on different worlds and brought together by a common cause, they become reluctant players in a war that endangers them and threatens the lives of those they love and everything they hold dear.As the war between the Alliance and the Galactic Star Empire rages on, Leahcim, Markka, Cora, and their friends find themselves caught in the middle of a struggle that could soon see the demise of the Alliance and the rise of a totalitarian regime ruling the galaxy.To protect and preserve their homeworlds, they will make difficult choices that ultimately seal their fates and send them on journeys none of them could ever imagine.All great sagas have a beginning. For the crew of the Infiltrator, this is theirs.

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